The Fellowship of Faith Church, International

The Fellowship of Faith Church International (FFC) is a full gospel outreach ministry located in East Point, Georgia with a membership of several thousand that all began with one man of God, Wayne C. Thompson, and his family in 1977.

FFC has grown from Bible studies conducted by Pastor Wayne in restaurants, trailers, and homes throughout Metropolitan Atlanta and Grantville, Georgia to a ministry that reaches several thousand people each week. Because of Pastor Wayne’s diligence, commitment, and determination to obey the Word of God and the direction of the Lord, FFC added Worship Service on Sundays, Tuesday Night Bible Study, Thursday Morning Ladies Bible Study, Friday Night Family Enrichment Seminars, Foundations of Faith Classes, Financial Seminars, Ministerial Counseling and Intercessory Prayer.  

FFC annually hosts Marriage and Parenting Seminars. Events and retreats in support of ongoing ministry also occur for the Unmarried and Married, Men, Women, Teens, and Youth.

FFC has 37 support ministries which include: Feed the Hungry Ministry, Prison Ministry, Teen Ministry, Children’s Music Ministry, Unmarried Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Married Ministry, Health Care Ministry, Security Ministry, Video Ministry, Audio Ministry, Transportation Ministry, Saints of Service (senior citizens) Ministry and many more.

Christian education for children, ages 3 months through the 12th Grade is provided by the church’s school, Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy (SACA).  At SACA we believe that God has uniquely created each of His children and endowed them with gifts to bring Him honor and glory. We consider it our responsibility to unfold each child’s uniqueness and gifts, motivating them to achieve their utmost and exemplify excellence in every aspect of life. Thus, all learning at SACA is rooted in the understanding of faith in God and the power of His Word.

SACA is situated on an 8-acre campus with a tennis/basketball court, Early Learning Center playground, gymnasium, and a magnificent Media Center equipped with over 2,000 volumes, reference materials, extensive periodicals, and state of the art computer lab. Our gymnasium has an indoor track, spacious classrooms for the high school, and is home to the SACA Warriors Basketball Teams.  

All of our facilities are accessible to persons who are physically challenged and all activities of the ministry are interpreted for the hearing impaired. The Fellowship of Faith Church International is an exciting ministry devoted to the service of Jesus Christ and to their fellowmen, uniting, strengthening, and creating order in families by the Word of God. The Pastor, Ministry Board, and members welcome all to visit, fellowship, or join during any service, Bible study, program, or activity. Come and be blessed!

Pastor Wayne C. Thompson (Pastor Wayne)

Wayne C. Thompson is a Pastor, Prophet, Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Founder and Chairman of the Board for the Fellowship of Faith Church International and Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy. He has ministered the unadulterated Word of God on missions to Africa, India and Mexico. He is a brother, husband, father and grandfather – all the characteristics of an ordinary man who committed his life to the Lord and, in turn, has been graced with the vision, wisdom, and strength to do extraordinary feats by the power of the Word of God.

Geraldine Gray Thompson

(Sis. Gerri)

Geraldine Gray Thompson was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and educated by their public school system. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from LeMoyne College of Memphis, Tennessee and a Masters of Arts degree from Atlanta University. Mrs. Thompson was one of nine young African-American women from the south to be selected as the first Catherine Hughes Waddell Scholars of Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.